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About BC Pulse

(Pictured Left to right: Andrew Tyus, Kathy Szenda Wilson, Maria Drawhorn, Lyssa Howley)

BC Pulse is a community resource supporting systems change through collective learning and action. When the service delivery system meant to provide support for families in our community is coordinated, aligned, accessible and responsive we will ensure that we’re doing everything possible to ensure that every child has equal opportunity to experience quality early learning, health, economic security, safety and nurturing care.

On December 18, 2012, BC Pulse welcomed 105 Battle Creek residents, services providers and leaders to participate in a community visioning session. Participants included residents from different neighborhoods; leaders from city government, school districts, the faith-based community and non profit organizations; elected officials, and direct service providers from the fields of health and economic security; as well as teachers, principals, and child care providers from the field of education. 

Collectively, we scratched the surface of what it will take for us to achieve our shared vision of a community where every child, prenatal through third grade, in Battle Creek is thriving because they have equal opportunity to experience supportive early learning, economic security, health and safety. 

Participants engaged in a process that allowed us to define why we will see when this vision is realized, what’s necessary in order to achieve those goals, what barriers and root causes stand in the way of us currently experiencing success, and what strategies might we implement to address those barriers.

But that was only the beginning…

Starting May 2013 BC Pulse launched its local action learning groups. BC Pulse facilitates collective learning and action with stakeholders at every level (residents, direct service providers, programmatic leaders and organizational/institutional leaders) in order to create systemic change. These affinity groups that will meet regularly and spend time understanding the realities facing our community, developing strategies that are responsive to these realities, and adapting their approaches when what we’ve learned necessitates such. BC Pulse supports the community’s collective desire see this vision become reality by providing opportunities for all groups to deeply engage in this process of shifting conditions so that families are successful. 

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