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As we develop new strategies, we learn from what has been done in the past.

Research & Local ChartOur approach is informed by the ABLe Change Framework

Often people in your community (including you) and also people from other communities have worked on targeting the same problems. This places those people in a position to offer insights into what has worked and what hasn't worked. It is important to consider both RESEARCH-BASED PRACTICES as well as LOCAL EXPERIENCES when creating strategies.

We begin our approach with identifying Root Causes. ROOT CAUSES are the underlying issues that, if fixed, would resolve or substantially reduce the problem you are targeting in the community. A root cause analysis is a simple process that helps you look beyond surface level reasons for why problems happen and guides you towards understanding the deeper underlying causes.

Strategies that target root causes are more effective at alleviating the problem and these root-cause focused strategies will become the core of the work that you and your community partners undertake. By not identifying the root causes, you risk wasting time and resources trying to fix the symptoms rather than the causes of the problem.

Symptom vs Root Cause Chart