Working and Policy Papers

Research teacher photo from Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

Bringing Jobs To People: Improving Local Economic Development Policies” (August 2020)
Timothy J. Bartik

Warding Off Development: Local Control, Housing Supply, and NIMBYs” (July 2020)
Evan Mast

Recessions and Local Labor Market Hysteresis” (May 2020)
Brad Hershbein and Bryan A. Stuart

Place-Based Policy: An Essay in Two Parts” (May 2020)
Timothy J. Bartik

Supply Shock Versus Demand Shock: The Local Effects of New Housing in Low-Income Areas” (December 2019)
Brian J. Asquith, Evan Mast, and Davin Reed

“Should Place-Based Jobs Policies Be Used to Help Distressed Communities?” (August 2019)
Timothy J. Bartik

“Local Job Multipliers in the United States: Variation with Local Characteristics and with High-Tech Shocks” (March 2019)
Timothy J. Bartik and Nathan Sotherland

“Longer-Run Effects of Antipoverty Policies on Disadvantaged Neighborhoods” (March 2019)
David Neumark, Brian J. Asquith, and Brittany Bass

“Promise Scholarship Programs and Local Prosperity” (October 2018)
Michelle Miller-Adams and Edward Smith

“But For" Percentages for Economic Development Incentives: What percentage estimates are plausible based on the research literature?” (July 2018)
Timothy J. Bartik

“The Effects of the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship on College Enrollment, Persistence, and Completion” (December 2017)
Timothy J. Bartik, Brad J. Hershbein, and Marta Lachowska

“The Merits of Universal Scholarships: Benefit-Cost Evidence from the Kalamazoo Promise” (September 2016)
Timothy J. Bartik, Brad J. Hershbein, and Marta Lachowska